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The platform that enhances the product discovery experience

Twiggy is a unified platform that generates revenue through intuitive customer experiences and hyper personification.


Use unique visual data
to boost the
smarter cx

Imagine that you can understand exactly what your customers are looking for and can build on that desire to create or curate the next season. This is Twiggy's offer to analyze your base to extract as much information as possible in order to further increase compatibility with your customers.

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Visual Solution

Twiggy's visual AI algorithm identifies which image elements break them down into visual attributes and suggests similar products to ensure shoppers find exactly what they are looking for.

Search by image

Prepare buyers to find the items they want by submitting any image.


Increase conversion and average ticket by suggesting similar and complementary products with visual AI.



Vocabulary focused on fashion and jewelry

Twiggy built a vocabulary by combining fashion and jewelry attributes (like color, texture, shape, style, material, occasion, etc.) and their synonyms.


Smart and dynamic image cropping

Smart object cropping allows customers to easily select the product they are looking for in an image and easily search for other items.

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Customized Solution

Twiggy's visual AI understands the details of user preferences and behavioral data, thus adding context to more relevant recommendations each visit.

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Personified recommendations

Use the Twiggy API to maximize efficiency and make searching easier.

API de personalization

API creates experience punctual with colorimetry data, piece fit and measurements, it is possible to further customize the user's shopping experience.

Advanced Search Solution

Twiggy's visual AI algorithm enriches your product's metadata, while natural language processing helps you understand intuitive shopper queries. Together, they provide accurate search results that lead to conversion.

Deep Dial

Identifies product tags and queries the database to search and automate the tagging of new attributes.

Research Report

Reports on relevant, high-converting searches with custom rules engines, NLP, and AI-enhanced tags.

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Your smartest


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