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Papa Fashion: the controversy is actually the result of AI

In recent months, we have become accustomed to new intelligences that are quite surprising with the way they work and a few days ago we saw Pope Francis wearing a super stylish puffer coat and a fashionista boom by Filippo Sorcinelli, the Pope's stylist. But how is one thing related to the other.

The image of the religious leader is nothing more than an image created by the digital artist, Pablo Xavier, through artificial intelligence and surprised everyone doubly due to the art and the fact that it was created by technology. The person in charge is 31 years old and was born in Chicago, in the United States, he makes several artistic works - with paintings or artificial intelligence - in the MidJourney software and makes arts with celebrities dressed in Streetwear pieces, as it has done with Pope Benedict XIV, Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Pablo was inspired by his previous art, of Batman wearing Balenciaga clothes, and was thinking of doing a technological painting of Sacha Baron Cohen's character, Ali G. But he suddenly decided to use the image of the Pope.

Without any expectations of being a huge success, Xavier posted it on Facebook, got 20k shares in a few hours, however, he was banned from Reddit - where he also posted for fun - for defamation of a powerful figure like the Pope. "You know the pope is powerful and I don't want to step on their toes." he said in an interview with FFW.

The artist foresees a possible closure due to the inappropriate and even malicious use - by some people - of the image of public figures, stopping so as not to encourage the misuse of the software, even not making the arts for negative effects. Even the builder has been the target of fake news on Twitter.

“Some may not have bad intentions, but there will always be people making command prompts to make people create unspeakable things”

- Pablo in an interview for FFW.

Even posting in groups or just in the AI ​​arts community, the image had this repercussion and the artist thinks of using a watermark with the Instagram user in the next arts. The use of AI to be a way to fake real political moments or even to say that the image of a world leader is fake, even though it is not, concerning the american. But man still sees AI as a possibility for PwDs to express themselves and also a way to value artists.

Pablo says he really likes the Streetwear style and tends to support small stores even though he likes sophisticated fashion.

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