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Online store experience impacted by the use of AIs

Artificial intelligences are like brains created to rely on computerized and intelligent algorithms for greater precision. Data is processed and received with great speed and capacity to handle and collect a huge volume of information, delivering tasks to e-commerce with greater speed and precision.

AIs are tools increasingly inserted in our daily lives, enabling different ways of using them on different fronts, such as on virtual store websites. Thus, sales, the company's communication with the user, as well as the customer's experience when purchasing a desired item, have been transformed by technology. That way, we came to give you some tips to implement in your virtual store, which from today will enjoy the benefits of this innovation.

What is artificial intelligence?

Because it is a technology that works through algorithms to collect data, the results are faster and more practical. Named that way because it works similarly to that of a human brain, but in a non-linear and constant way, making the volume of knowledge more accurate and accurate.

Another resource is versatility, being able to act in service, pricing, customer relations, marketing, sales and other areas within your business.

A huge amount of data is processed by the tool, analyzing and distributing it in real time. It also automates the site's functionalities and tasks, facilitating the retrieval of information, thus having a possible cost reduction, separation by selected ranges and other benefits.

Is artificial intelligence in your e-commerce really so advantageous?

Nowadays, in the most technological century, it is extremely difficult to imagine a virtual store that does not use artificial intelligence as a resource, which improves results for the company and for the user. In this way, we will show which are the points improved by the tool:

  • Customer experience:

The technological resource brings greater dynamism, intuitive use and accurate results with greater ease and speed. It shows personalized items designed according to the taste shown by the customer's profile, recognizing and studying each one's preference. And the most important point for the customer, artificial intelligence simplifies your purchase, speeding up the resolution, in a practical and comfortable way, of doubts or problems faced by the user.

  • Greater control of interactions:

The use of AI makes it much easier to retain each customer's data so that it leaves open a future possibility of interaction with that user. The robot makes an analysis, also precise, of the customer's behavior, reducing the time to create a personalized campaign for a specific type of user (also able to create this campaign in advance), creating interesting offers to passers-by within your website.

  • Always available:

With its 24/7 website and an AI for customer support it is a wonder to think about, as anyone can buy at any time, even if they encounter questions or problems while browsing.

  • More confidence and security:

When help is offered 24 hours a day, willing to solve problems and answer questions at any time and fluidly, it becomes easier to deliver trust to the customer, building user loyalty. Artificial intelligence channels generate security, as they do not make human errors and have privacy protection that comply with the Brazilian General Data Protection Law.

How to take advantage of the feature within your online store?

  • Service chatbots:

Even though they are not an innovative novelty, chatbots are extremely useful, after all, robots capture the customer's language and respond quickly according to what was requested. Due to its practicality, it conquered a space and is considered with preference, due to the fact that many users do not like to solve problems communicating by phone calls and want an online resolution. In addition, the mechanism is also prepared to always bring the best experience to the customer. There are surveys that show that 90% of common cases are resolved by chatbots, so the investment will certainly not be in vain.

  • Picking up deliveries:

The logistics of companies are also not left out of how to use AI in your company as a useful resource for a significant reduction in transport costs and a good considerable increase in profits. Having a more accurate number of items in stock, so that it can be followed by the customer even before the order is placed, automating the sorting and categorization processes. In this way, the user has the ability to analyze delivery times and forms firsthand, without surprises when closing the purchase.

  • Practicality:

The desire of the customers of a virtual store is to enter the searches of the site, which take them directly to the items they were looking for. Obtaining a higher conversion rate than before thanks to intelligent technology, which, if it were to deliver irrelevant items, the user would not even think about consuming your brand again. The more simplicity, dynamism and intuition is explored, the greater the chances of taking everything they seek with you.

  • Personalized recommendation:

Recommender systems are related to the customer profile, which drives sales by showing similar and relevant items. The AI ​​identifies the purchasing behavior of each user, immediately presenting a balance in the history, which helps to be more precise in the suggestions of relevant items, optimizing conversions.

  • Remember and save abandoned carts:

Abandoned cart is one of the most common things in e-commerce, where the customer adds the desired items and simply does not complete the purchase process. The robot can save you that too by identifying items in the cart and sending automated alert emails to individuals in a personalized way to encourage them to resume and finalize the purchase.

  • Market analysis and pricing:

Artificial intelligence keeps track of your competitors' seasonal dates and part prices, making pricing dynamic. Understanding the pricing base and value range to suggest the final cost.

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