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Inspiration can bring customers: here's how to do it...

If you understand how to provoke and harness inspiration, once you know its importance, you will have a differentiator and an advantage, being able to stay present and serve customers in unique ways.

Say goobye to convenience shopping. These days, inspiration is a great motivator for shopping. Inspiration is a very influential tool because it mirrors consumers' desires and emotions.

Brands can and should unleash true inspiration and identify these customer moments, and help them turn them into purchases, which is a huge advantage.

"Always on" browsing is a great way to drive inspirational shopping

In the past, our ideas came exclusively from magazines and shop windows, now buyers are bombarded time and time again with ads and recommendations from celebrities, content creators and digital influencers. Welcome to the pinnacle of the age of inspiration. The cell phone is a great enabler in this era, after all, you can search for inspiring images whenever you want and wherever you are.

Nowadays, the adventure of discovering products is faster and more diverse, not having to go looking through several shelves in a mall or in a store that has already been tested by the customer (trust). Now, just by looking at a blogger's Instagram feed, you can save and use it to search for similar clothes.

Gen Z is responsible for much of the inspirational buying drive: 85% of Gen Z discovered new products on social media.

Inspiration and customer relationship, does this conversation work?

Inspiration is more than fleeting, psychologists Todd M. Thrash and Andrew J. Elliot, in the midst of their development of the "Inspiration Scale", found that inspired people tend to be more open and receptive to new experiences and assimilating them. more easily. In the e-commerce this means that inspired shoppers are more focused on the online shopping experience.

If you understand how to provoke and harness inspiration, once you know its importance, you will have a differentiator and an advantage, being able to stay present and serve customers in unique ways. The next steps will help you understand ;).

Appear to become a purchase option

Approximately 90% of shoppers don't have a brand in mind when they think about buying something. If you understand what inspires them, you can be where they look for referrals until they are ready to buy. Having an active account on social networks is essential, but remember that your posts do not reach everyone.

Brands that understand their customers' source of inspiration go to new platforms, to new communities, hashtags and varied types of content created, even creating new personal experiences, to always seek to be where inspiration can arise. Especially because if customers look for inspiration in Tiktok creator accounts, it will not be, most of the time, on Instagram that they will find what they are looking for.

Think like your buyers...

Knowing what makes your customers excited, you will be able to create more precise journeys, which reach the customer's whims, soon discovering their purchase intention. After appearing on their radar, she needs to support and guide them to canalize inspiration.

Let's say a potential customer comes to your site with a screenshot of an influencer's outfit. How will you help connect it with similar products you have in stock? Or if she lands on your home page with a vague idea of ​​a dress she's been looking for - how can you show her items that are close enough to make her click on the relevant items?

Those who understand the customer's journey of inspiration will always stay 2 steps ahead, having the possibility to offer a guaranteed experience that they will find what left them motivated.

For example, she might want to do a search by image, or she might need to see more photos from her social feed in a gallery on the site and then choose the specific item that appeals to her the most. It's critical that you consider what your next steps would be by stepping into her shoes and building the experiences that support this kind of inspiration-driven exploration.

Exceeding consumer expectations

If you understand what inspires you, you can maintain greater control over the details of the items that customers view, click on, and buy. You can also understand that every interaction of shoppers on your site provides you with some rich information about their constantly changing tastes and desires.

With real-time analysis of what drives your customers, it allows you to deliver what they want and even predict emerging trends. For example, if you notice an increase in shoppers clicking square-neck tops and distressed wide-leg jeans, you have the possibility to adjust your stock plans to better suit these preferences before the trend runs its course.

Or, you can anticipate your customers' future needs, even before they click to buy. Based on the growing trending items, you can create motivating emails for your buyers or even with details of highly clicked items. This tells the consumer that you, as a store, have understood what he is looking for - before he even thinks about the possibility of what he is looking for.

Loyalty and inspiration: the meeting of millions

As we explained, inspiration is strongly and intimately connected to the client's personal emotions. Providing your shoppers with motivating products to help them channel their shopping inspiration into your site builds an emotional relationship between you, showing that, even as a brand, you understand, anticipate, and fulfill their desires.

Inspired customers look for brands that leave them feeling like "aha" in a real way. This shows them that every interaction has been thought of them and sends the message that you will always get what they are looking for.

By understanding and working through this research into where, how and what causes your customer's inspiration, you can become the #1 brand to remember. Even in such a competitive environment as the internet. This is a different way to be that brand most remembered when they think of a specific type of clothing.

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