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How to improve your strategy for your app commerce

In our current technological and connected reality, we easily see people using mobile devices to carry out daily activities. In this way, it is quite natural to choose to create an app for your e-commerce, after all, it makes it much easier for customers to make payments, clear up doubts and understand more about a specific item, just one click from anywhere.

For this reason, online commerce platforms, which keep up with current technologies, deliver opportunities for conversions, better results, faster service and closer connections with consumers. Therefore, they are essential points for companies seeking space and growth in a very competitive market.

Improve relationships with customers using mobile devices

According to the research carried out by CleverTap, called Fit for the Future of Retail, the main objectives for maintaining a relationship with users who access via mobile:

  • Retention of new customers

The first objective is the relevance of building customer loyalty in the app. Which means you need to strategize to keep your app installed on your user's phone. Thus, it is no longer a necessity to notify news and promotions to increase sales opportunities.

According to the survey, users who remain active represent only 19%. However, if a good retention strategy is applied, this number of new users increases to 53%.

Acquiring new customers is good for increasing brand reach and maintaining a good relationship with consumers increases CLV (Customer Lifetime Value). That is, thinking about the total amount of profit, based on the consumption of each of the buyers.

  • Engagement

It was seen in the survey that 15% of the app users interact with the brand. With the application of a correct strategy, conversion rates can increase by 10% and 35%. Within the strategy, there is navigation analysis, which presents us in a better way with the buyer's habits, to create a personalized environment.

  • More items in one purchase

Still in the study, it shows that for every 100 notifications received, the user will click on only three. Following this reasoning, the main objective is to increase the number of transactions per order. And to complete this objective, it is very common to use cross-selling, which are complementary items to those sold by the company.

In this way, it is simpler for operations to create new personalized offers for customers, thus being able to increase sales by up to 44% and even reduce the number of abandoned carts.

  • Dropout reduction

According to the survey, around 86% of customers uninstalled the app after a few weeks of making a purchase. In order to reduce this number, it is essential to send notifications of promotions and keep in touch with consumers, whether through surveys or other ways, but the message it should convey is that your company is present and available throughout the journey.

New strategies that increase your performance in your e-commerce app

We know that maintaining a firm relationship with your client is important, so we will go through some of the necessary points to develop a successful strategy for your business:

  • Quality is the key

As we are also internet users, we know that good navigation has an impact on the experience of a brand or product. For example, if a loading screen takes longer, users tend to leave the site and never return. That way, the appearance/layout of the app and its structure must be carefully developed to be more dynamic and easy for customers to access

Therefore, it is good that it is carried out by professionals in the field, so that a tool with fast loading is developed, which is accessible by different devices and which access relevant information.

  • Get security certificates

Customer data protection is of utmost importance for any web page or application in e-commerce tools. Confidential information such as documents, card numbers and addresses, are inserted frequently on the internet and your website needs a security certificate to demonstrate that the information will not be disclosed by your company.

It is well known and we need to emphasize that people want to feel safe when they go shopping online, which is essential for the checkout process. Thus, the certificate works as a guarantee of reliability in navigation.

  • Easy access to communication channels

Consumers must have access to the various communication channels within your e-commerce app. This gives you a sense of control and shows that the brand is willing to help you in any way necessary.

During the development of the tool, much more than the service chat with the virtual assistant and the possibility of being redirected to the employees. It is also valid to provide links to your pages on social networks. Ensure good omnichannel service, but train your team very well beforehand.

  • Share the reviews

With consumer reviews, it opens doors for reliability to new users. This opinion is like an indicator of someone who has already contacted your service, and may even reduce a potential customer's account. Soon, open a space in the tool, post customer experiences and ask for reviews, when contacting public opinion, your brand can direct its efforts towards a customer satisfaction strategy.

  • Don't leave communication aside

Communication is a necessary factor to connect with your audience, being an advertising strategy is fundamental for the recognition of your company. It's very rare for people to buy products from brands they've never heard of, so digital marketing is important to your process. So, you can invest in sponsored links in search engines that redirect to your application.

In addition, creating relevant content for your audience to inform them about your products, differentials and services is essential. These policies must be evaluated and monitored to check their effectiveness, in this way, your company will gain authority and prominence among competitors.

In a world full of technologies, companies and brands need to adapt. The e-commerce app is a tool that facilitates the purchase and user contact with the company. But for your application to be a reference and a success, you need good navigation, security and ease of use, always looking for the best customer experience.

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