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E-commerce has made the internet a place with everything we need

Cellphone use has increased too quickly in recent years. Roughly 89% of people with cell phones check their phone within an hour of waking up and 81% check it within an hour of bedtime, also sharing the fact that they look at their phone 12 billion times during the day, according to survey of users. from USA.

Many people believe that teenagers and young adults are responsible for this increase, but this is not true. These technological habits, commonly associated with the aforementioned age group, begin to pass on to older people, becoming habits among them at similar rates as well. Some people believe they are a great effort to better relate and connect with different generations. Even if this is true, there are facts beyond that. The mobile phone has also become part of our experience in a community connected via Wi-Fi.

Mobiles are increasingly used with other devices: consoles, TVs, smart vehicles, fitness tracking and the purchasing power of AI Commerce. The use of mobile for shopping, mCommerce, is the new eCommerce. Being that modern commerce is a good thing for online retailers and publishers, due to the fact that users, buying digitally, spend twice as much as those who follow the traditional shopping route.

Some mobile device apps have a great base behind them: Machine Learning and AI technologies. That's the magic responsible for route suggestion, text prediction and voice assistant. In e-commerce, chatbots that combine learning and artificial intelligence serve as good shopping assistants for online shoppers who are looking for a quick purchase of the looks they saw on the internet using, for example, the search by photo to simplify the search.

This intimate bot relationship is beneficial for consumers, who are understood, and for retailers, who have their customers entertained and more engaged on their website.

It's so satisfying to see the use of mobile technology maturing and helping users and brands alike. There are several future possibilities that will take advantage of machine learning, AI Technologies and many other hopeful technologies. Dependence on cell phones generates new buyer demands and new changes in various sectors.


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